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PETNPentaerythrite Tetranitrate (explosive)
PETNProject Earth Television Network (Germany)
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En respuesta a este problema global se han estudiado microorganismos degradadores de PETN como Enterobacter cloacae PB2 y Agrobacterium radiobacter, los cuales son capaces de degradar otros explosivos como el TNT y sus derivados (French et al.
The deadly potential of PETN was illustrated by terrorists who used it to kill 13 people in a bomb attack on a courthouse in Delhi in 2011.
Working in collaboration with the RhineMain Polytechnic, materials scientists at the TU Darmstadt have recently developed a nanosensor capable of detecting a single PETN molecule among ten billion air molecules.
The two bombs contained 300 and 400 grams of the industrial explosive PETN, according to a German security official.
UK explosives expert Sidney Alford told CNN last year that just 6g of PETN would be enough to punch a hole into a metal plate twice the thickness of an aircraft fuselage.
THE two bombs contained PETN, or pentaerythritol tetranitrate.
The bomb had PETN hidden inside a computer printer with a circuit board and mobile phone SIM card attached, officials said.
The hidden bomb, a printer cartridge packed with the explosive PETN attached to a concealed mobile SIM card, was posted via freight firm FedEx, and a second device -- which was posted via UPS in Yemen -- was also found at East Midlands Airport in the UK.
Along with the other ink cartridge bomb found at East Midlands Airport on Friday, it is understood to have contained the powerful explosive material PETN.
At least one of the packages sent from Yemen contained PETN.
Key ingredients RDX and PETN are two of the deadliest known substances.
Summary: Dubai Police specialists said the package contained the highly explosive PETN and lead azide substances