PETPPolyethylene Terephthalate
PETPPeople for the Ethical Treatment of People
PETPPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Plants (humor)
PETPPriority Education Training Program (Australia)
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The point of making every tannery install an OCEMS is not clear, considering they all have PETPs anyway, which are monitored by the UP Pollution Control Board," says Imran Siddiqui, Director, Super Tannery Ltd.
The PETP option: customizable, convenient, comprehensive
Districts can collaborate with a PETP to build a training solution that best meets their specific needs, including small-group workshops or large-group instruction.
With the introduction of the RBU 225, Bekum, Germany, says it has made the PETP reheat stretch blowmolding process viable for short-term production changeovers.
K-12 Handhelds--a PETP offering professional development, consulting, and handheld hardware and software--helped design the district's program, and now delivers both training and support services for implementation and curriculum integration.