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PETSPet Travel Scheme
PETSPublic Expenditure Tracking Survey
PETSPersonalized Turnkey Superclusters
PETSPet Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act
PETSPrivacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium
PETSPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Software :-)
PETSPremier Executive Transport Services (airline)
PETSPersonal Electronic Teller of Stories (robotic system)
PETSPresident Elects Training Seminar (Rotary International)
PETSPayload Environmental Transporation System (US NASA)
PETSPrototype Educational Tools for Systems and Software
PETSPrior to Expiration of Term of Service
PETSPackaged Equity Trust Securities
PETSProprietary Electronic Trading Systems
PETSProcedures for Evaluating Technical Specifications
PETSPlain Enhanced Telephone Service
PETSPortable Engineering Test Station
PETSPositive Encounter Tactical System (gaming, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter PS2)
PETSPerformance Evaluation and Tracking System (US DoD)
PETSPhotographic Equipment Test System
PETSProximity Effect Tunneling Spectroscopy
PETSPaediatric Emergency Transfer Service (UK)
PETSPi Eta Technological Support (Pi Eta Consulting Company; Singapore)
References in classic literature ?
One day when we took Pet to church there to hear the music--because, as practical people, it is the business of our lives to show her everything that we think can please her--Mother
said I, when we had brought her a little round: "you are frightening Pet, my dear.
Let us take one of those same little children to be a little maid to Pet.
Pet had a twin sister who died when we could just see her eyes--exactly like Pet's--above the table, as she stood on tiptoe holding by it.
Pet and her baby sister were so exactly alike, and so completely one, that in our thoughts we have never been able to separate them since.
Then, her mother and I were not young when we married, and Pet has always had a sort of grown-up life with us, though we have tried to adapt ourselves to her.
Are you'--she turned her eyes, and Pet faltered--'expecting any one to meet you here, Miss Wade?
We are afraid,' said Pet, sitting down beside her, shyly and half tenderly, 'that you will feel quite deserted when we are all gone.
Not,' said Pet, apologetically and embarrassed by her eyes, 'not, of course, that we are any company to you, or that we have been able to be so, or that we thought you wished it.
But--in short,' said Pet, timidly touching her hand as it lay impassive on the sofa between them, 'will you not allow Father to tender you any slight assistance or service?
This is the last good-bye upon the list, for Mother and I have just said it to Mr Clennam here, and he only waits to say it to Pet.
Some problem foods for pets include; chocolate, coffee, poultry bones, onions, onion powder, salt, yeast dough, and spoiled food.