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PETSPet Travel Scheme
PETSPet Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act
PETSPrivacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium
PETSPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Software :-)
PETSPersonal Electronic Teller of Stories (robotic system)
PETSPresident Elects Training Seminar (Rotary International)
PETSPrototype Educational Tools for Systems and Software
PETSPrior to Expiration of Term of Service
PETSPackaged Equity Trust Securities
PETSProprietary Electronic Trading Systems
PETSProcedures for Evaluating Technical Specifications
PETSPlain Enhanced Telephone Service
PETSPortable Engineering Test Station
PETSPositive Encounter Tactical System (gaming, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter PS2)
PETSPerformance Evaluation and Tracking System (US DoD)
PETSPhotographic Equipment Test System
PETSProximity Effect Tunneling Spectroscopy
PETSPaediatric Emergency Transfer Service (UK)
PETSPi Eta Technological Support (Pi Eta Consulting Company; Singapore)
PETSPublic Expenditure Tracking Survey
References in classic literature ?
My pets, of course, were made to feel the change in my disposition.
Unless my cousin John is blind, my pet," said I, "I should think my cousin John knows pretty well as much as we know.
At this very instant, and whilst Cornelius, still on his knees, was examining his pets, the door of the dry-room was so violently shaken, and opened in such a brusque manner, that Cornelius felt rising in his cheeks and his ears the glow of that evil counsellor which is called wrath.
I shall see to it at once that we get pets for our own children, our palm branches.
We may not be openly acknowledged as Pets, but we all know, by pleasant experience, that we are treated like them.
The Wizard had trained these pets to do many curious things, and they were so little and so cunning and soft that Polychrome loved to pick them up as they passed near her place and fondle them as if they were kittens.
Polly was not a model girl by any means, and had her little pets and tempers like the rest of us; but she did n't fight, scream, and squabble with her brothers and sisters in this disgraceful way, and was much surprised to see her elegant friend in such a passion.
And what do they give you, these pets of Monsieur le marechal and Monsieur le duc?
His good and faithful servant Prue kept house for him, and he surrounded himself with pets.
Her pets were gaining their own living in the woods and her house was locked up.
He would pat and stroke her and say, "Well, old Pet, and how is your little Darkie?
Garry was my private pet name for him; it suggests that I had a deep affection for him, and that was the case.