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We soon left the path and took to the ice; and after wandering amongst the crevices UN PEU, to admire the wonders of these deep blue caverns, and hear the rushing of waters through their subglacial channels, we struck out a course toward L'AUTRE CO^T'E and crossed the glacier successfully, a little above the cave from which the infant Rhone takes its first bound from under the grand precipice of ice.
2012) contended that subjective norm significantly influences PEU and PU.
Johnson (2005) found that perceived risk is a potential variable that may influence both PEU and PU.
Thus, the first two hypotheses are posed to test the influence of PU and PEU on intention to use SAK-ETAP.
2]: PEU has a significant impact on intention to use SAK-ETAP
Even though the original model of TAM put PU and PEU in parallel as predictors, the following research found that these variables have a causal relationship.
Under these circumstances, government support may affect PU, PEU, and subjective norm, thus posing the following hypotheses:
Hypothesis 15: PEU will be positively related to BIU.
We employed six items to measure PEU (Cronbach's [alpha] = .
PEU significantly and positively affected PU (path coefficient = .
The study results show that telepresence has a positive impact on PSI, PU, PEU, and PP.
Researchers could also investigate the different levels of parasocial interaction, from low to high, in relation to SN, PU, PEU, and PP.