PEUPerceived Ease of Use
PEUPower Electronics Unit
PEUPain Execution Unit (Part of the PainStation art project)
PEUProfessional Educators Union
PEUProcessing Electronics Unit
PEUPeripheral Electronics Unit
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We soon left the path and took to the ice; and after wandering amongst the crevices UN PEU, to admire the wonders of these deep blue caverns, and hear the rushing of waters through their subglacial channels, we struck out a course toward L'AUTRE CO^T'E and crossed the glacier successfully, a little above the cave from which the infant Rhone takes its first bound from under the grand precipice of ice.
n] of PEU is about ten times that of the prepolymer.
When the amount of chain extender was increased, the molecular weight distribution of PEU was broadened.
2] groups of hexamethylene diisocyanate in linear PEU, and at 155.
The sudden decrease in the rheological quantities during the time sweeps of PEU was attributable to terminal splitting.
The other important factor affecting the rheological characterization of PEU was the strong temperature dependency of the rheological properties of PEU.
Clear differences were evident in the rheological properties of PEU samples, as can be seen in Figs.
The strong temperature dependency of PEU can be seen in Figs.
The effects of molecular weight distribution and the lengths of the ester blocks in PEU were similar in the capillary and dynamic measurements.
Normally melt fracture is exhibited by polymers with narrow MWD, but even our PEU samples with narrowest MWD did not show any melt fracture.