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PEVPolitique Européenne de Voisinage
PEVPartido Ecologista os Verdes (The Greens, Portuguese ecological party)
PEVPlug-in Electric Vehicle (transportation)
PEVPersonal Electric Vehicle (transportation device)
PEVPotenciales Evocados Visuales (Spanish: Visual Evoked Potentials; brain activity)
PEVPort Everglades (Florida)
PEVPrediction Error Variance
PEVPeta Electron Volt
PEVPortable Electric Vehicle
PEVPositive Effect Variegation
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Implementation of molecular PeV detection in routine diagnostics and continuous surveillance are warranted.
The raw nerves exposed by the PEV meant that, in 2013, the political cost for moderates and people from the left in pro-Mwai Kibaki areas supporting Raila was too high and few of them could do so openly.
Rev Pev will take the part of Bishop Henry T Dobson - which will seem him arrested and physically dragged off the cruise liner SS American in the opening scenes.
In this part, we assumed that each PEV's charging power is constantly equal to 3.12 kW, the start time of charging obeys the normal distribution N(9, 0.25), N(19, 1.25), respectively, [5] and the corresponding probability of PEVs connected to the power grid is 0.5 and 0.7, respectively [8].
Although PEV range is typically adequate for completing most daily home-based tours without intermediate charging [7], continued PEV adoption, as technological forecasts indicate, can benefit from continued installation and planning of out-of-home charging [8], in addition to further considering PEV driver's perceptions and experiences at stations.
Additionally, "Plug-in Electric Vehicle Grid Integration" is an indispensable reference and resource for policy makers to prioritize and adjust incentive programs that facilitate mainstream PEV adoption.
The Edison Electric Institute president, Tom Kuhn, said, 'America's electric companies are leading efforts to advance the electrification of the transportation sector, and these companies are well-positioned to develop the charging infrastructure we need to support 7 million PEVs by 2025.Electric transportation is a win-win, meeting customer needs while also supporting America's energy security and sustainability.'
The relative importance of the investigated predictors of survival is quantified using marginal and partial proportions of explained variation (PEV) [39].
The first evidence of ultrahigh-energy neutrinos (in the PeV energy range) from extraterrestrial origin was recently reported [1].
The report explains: "Paradoxically this simplicity is provided because the electric motor becomes the most complex one yet, doubling as starter motor, engine booster so the engine can be downsized and traction motor in up to four different pure electric vehicle PEV modes.
PEV users interact with EVSEs by the App InCiSIVE installed on their smartphones and have the possibility to Opt In/Out in DR events.