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PEVPolitique Européenne de Voisinage
PEVPartido Ecologista os Verdes (The Greens, Portuguese ecological party)
PEVPlug-in Electric Vehicle (transportation)
PEVPersonal Electric Vehicle (transportation device)
PEVPotenciales Evocados Visuales (Spanish: Visual Evoked Potentials; brain activity)
PEVPort Everglades (Florida)
PEVPrediction Error Variance
PEVPeta Electron Volt
PEVPortable Electric Vehicle
PEVPositive Effect Variegation
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PEV VICTIMSHe regrets that justice was never accorded to victims of PEV.
Additionally, "Plug-in Electric Vehicle Grid Integration" is an indispensable reference and resource for policy makers to prioritize and adjust incentive programs that facilitate mainstream PEV adoption.
The Edison Electric Institute president, Tom Kuhn, said, 'America's electric companies are leading efforts to advance the electrification of the transportation sector, and these companies are well-positioned to develop the charging infrastructure we need to support 7 million PEVs by 2025.
De son cote, Mohammed Gouider, gouverneur de Bizerte, a revele que le projet pilote PEV vise, d'ici mars 2018, la creation de 60 societes dans le secteur de la technologie propre, la formation de 850 jeunes, l'insertion professionnelle de 70% des beneficiaires du programme, la creation de 60 petites et moyennes entreprises en plus de la formation de 30 cadres du ministere de la Formation Professionnelle et de l'Emploi.
For ADR, home energy management, and smart PEV charging/discharging, various standard communication protocols have been developed.
A despeito de se saber que a extensao vocal representa os limites fisiologicos do sujeito e que e a tessitura vocal a mais passivel de melhora, com treino vocal, vale ressaltar que a medida obtida no PEV nao se restringe a extensao vocal e sim, a associacao de medidas de extensao e intensidade vocais [26].
The report describes best practices in state-sponsored PEV programs, including successful PEV buyer incentive programs, DC fast charging programs and PEV awareness initiatives that can serve as models for other states.
A casi dos decadas el PEV sigue sumando esfuerzos, trabajando conjuntamente con otras instituciones interesadas en contribuir en el cambio pretendido.
Gadaref, 17 Juin (SUNA) -L'Administration generale de la Sante publique et l'administration de la vaccination dans l'Etat de Gadaref organiseront en collaboration avec le PEV dans le ministere de la Sante de l'Etat,un atelier de formation dans la periode (18 au 20 juin en cours) sur l'introduction du vaccin antipneumococcique qui entre le Soudan et l'Etat de Gadaref
The Kenyan parliament failed twice to agree on establishing a local tribunal to investigate PEV and pushed for ICC intervention.
8 million square feet, shared his experiences as a participant in a PEV charging station pilot program, for which Debs's team at Northeast Utilities supplied the necessary equipment.