PEXAPractice and Exercise Areas (UK military)
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Also, the fully managed Verizon solution will enable PEXA to establish end-user identities across multiple systems and applications, creating a fully integrated, auditable trail.
The PEXA platform is transforming the Australian property industry by delivering a national electronic conveyancing platform that is integrated with State and Territory land title registries.
As part of PEXA s ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety and integrity of its platform, PEXA will take on responsibility for the safe lodgement of certain land title dealings by its registered subscribers.
PEXA s electronic-conveyancing system s functionality will support new mortgages, mortgage discharges, transfers, settlements, caveats, notices and other administrative documents in one easy to use, intuitive, electronic platform.
Each PExA is associated with a single user but interacts with the PExAs of other users to exchange information and coordinate on tasks.