PEXGPseudoexfoliation Glaucoma (eyes)
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Forty-seven eyes of 38 patients with PEXG (group 1), 30 eyes of 15 patients with PACG (group 2), and 66 eyes of 33 healthy subjects (group 3) were examined in this study.
(12) reported that the mean ACD measurement in patients with PEXG patients was found to be shallower than in healthy individuals.
Some of these studies did not find any significant difference in CCT between PEXG and primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG).
An evaluation of the effectiveness of deep sclerectomy and nonabsorbable glaucoma implants in patients with PExG is the main aim of this work.
It is typically very strongly pigmented in patients with PExG.
At 18 months, complete success had been achieved in 44.9% and qualified success in 71.6% of patients with PExG. The mean IOP was 16.3 mmHg in this group of patients.
A diagnosis of PEXG was given if the results for the anterior segment of the pseudoexfoliative component showed an IOP exceeding 21 mmHg without typical optic nerve head changes or visual field effects.
Demographic and blood serum parameters of glaucoma patients (NTG and PEXG) and healthy controls, collected by patient history and biochemical analysis, are given in Table 1.
Distribution in the NT G and PEXG groups as well as the healthy controls is given in Table 2.
The patients were divided into 3 groups; group PEX consisted of 39 patients with senile cataract and PEX syndrome without glaucoma (we examined 68 eyes--37 corneas in 21 men and 31 corneas in 18 women), group PEXG included 37 patients diagnosed with PEXG (we examined 65 eyes--33 corneas in 19 men and 32 corneas in 18 women), and group CNT--the control group, consisted of 46 patients with senile cataract without coexisting PEX syndrome (we examined 84 eyes--46 corneas in 25 men and 38 corneas in 21 women).
The main criterion for the qualification of patients into the PEXG group, excluding previous diagnosis and treatment of PEX glaucoma, was the cup disc ratio assessment.
The mean age in group PEX was 76.9 [+ or -] 6.54 years (age range 61-93), group PEXG was 78.22 [+ or -] 7.58 years (age range 55-94), and the control group 76.65 [+ or -] 7.62 years (age range 61-91).