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For the different measures of parental behavioral control, factor analyses (principal component analysis followed by varimax rotation) showed that two factors could be extracted and labeled as Paternal Behavioral Control (PBC: with PKNO, PEXP, PMON, PDIS, and PDEM loaded on this factor with loadings higher than .5) and Maternal Behavioral Control (MBC: with MKNO, MEXP, MMON, MDIS and MDEM loaded on this factor with loadings higher than .5), respectively.
E-mail: DANIELSHEK@CUHK.EDU.HK Table 1 Inter-relationships among different measures of parental behavioral control and the linkages between parental behavioral control and psychological control measures PKNO/ PEXP/ PMON/ PDIS/ PDEM/ Variables MKNO MEXP MMON MDIS MDEM PKNO/MKNO -- .40 * .65 * .34 * .45 * PEXP/MEXP .47 * -- .51 * .50 * .36 * PMON/MMON .70 * .52 * -- .43 * .41 * PDIS/MDIS .42 * .56 * .46 * -- .28 * PDEM/MDEM .54 * .48 * .51 * .41 * -- * pFW <.001; pT <.00005 Variables PPSY Variables MPSY PKNO -.19 * MKNO -.19 * PEXP .16 * MEXP .21 * PMON -.07 * MMON -.03 ns PDIS .16 * MDIS .14 * PDEM -.05 ns MDEM -.02 ns PBC -.05 ns MBC .07 * * pFW<.01; pT<.0025 ns non-significant Note.
The expected gain in wages due to an additional year of potential prior experience (PEXP) for the average nonwhite worker and the typical white worker are respectively
As theory and recent empirical work suggest that voters' evaluations of government economic performance may be a blend of both objective conditions and subjective perceptions,(8) we added to our vote equation the unemployment rate, the inflation rate, and a variable reflecting voters' prospective assessments of their personal economic situations over the next 12 months.(9) The inclusion of unemployment and inflation appears sensible because both are "highlighted by the media, and salient to the voter" (Clarke, Mishler, and Whiteley 1990, 66; see also Mosley 1984).(10) The subjective perception variable (PEXP) was selected after various tries with similar variables.(11)
where WCL, VCL, and PEXP are defined as in equation 1; POSTELECT is a dummy variable equal to 1 in May-July 1979 and July-September 1983, 0 otherwise; PREELECT is a dummy variable equal to 1 in February-April 1979 and April-June 1983 and 1987, 0 otherwise; and D8387 is a dummy variable equal to 1 from July 1983 to June 1987, 0 otherwise.
These data include estimates of the new store's size, CURVE, PEXP and IMAGE.
Where; N = required sample size, Pexp = expected prevalence, d = desired absolute precision, 1.962 = value of 95% confidence interval.
Paternal Expectation Scale (PEXP) and Maternal Expectation Scale (MEXP): Based on the literature, the following items were developed to form the Paternal Expectation Scale: (1) My father requires me to have good behavior in school.
Factor I included PKNO, PEXP, PMON, PDIS, and PDEM that could be labeled Paternal Behavioral Control (PBC).
In any event, we include the percentage of a firm's sales revenues accounted for by exports, PEXP, as a determinant of price-cost margins.
Two measures of pilot experience are included in the analysis: PEXP, the cumulative flight time (in hours) of the first pilot for all commercial aircraft and PAGE, the age of the first pilot in years.