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Among the indices of aortic root function, two of them were statistically significantly different between the two groups (Table 3): The CSC and ARD were significantly decreased in patients with PEXS. The CSC was 12.2 [+ or -] 6.3 (10-3) [cm.sup.2]/mmHg in patients with PEXS and 17.5 [+ or -] 11.6 (10-3) [cm.sup.2]/mmHg in the control group (p=0.015).
We observed that the peak systolic aortic velocity was significantly increased in patients with PEXS (142 [+ or -] 24 cm/sec) than the controls (127 [+ or -] 19 cm/sec) (p=0.013), while the peak systolic pulmonary velocities were not significantly different between the two groups.
Among the four indices of aortic root function, the CSC and ARD were decreased in our PEXS patients.
Although PEXS is primarily an ocular disease, the accumulation of the abnormal pseudoexfoliation material has also been observed in extraocular tissues including the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, gall bladder and brain (11, 12).
Our findings also have importance from the point of cardiovascular prognosis in patients with PEXS. It is well-known that elastic arteries dilate and stiffen with age, most noticeably in the ascending aorta and arcus aorta (19, 20).
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