PF2Private Finance 2 (UK)
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All existing contracts under the PFI and PF2 system will be honoured but Hammond said he would never sign off on a PFI contract.
Regarding soil texture, the three composite PF samples were silt loam (PF1), sandy loam (PF2) and loam (PF3), whereas the three agricultural soil samples were silt loam (AG1 and AG3) and loam (AG2; Table 1).
Annual charges under the Private Finance Initiative and its successor scheme PF2 totalled PS10billion in 2016/17.
Into the medium-term, AMA Research expects steady, if moderate, growth in healthcare construction output, with annual rates of growth of 3-5% currently forecast to 2021 as work on small hospital projects is boosted by privately funded projects under PF2. The moderate forecast is based on the steady level of health sector new orders over the last 2-3 years, and the focus on delivery of local services and chronic disease prevention initiatives put forward by successive Governments.
Os jogadores sao divididos em duas classes, PF1 que apresentam um maior comprometimento e o PF2 que apresenta menor comprometimento.
On the contrary, five samples including PPY2 (122.44%), PPY5 (102.65%), PC2 (161.48%), PM1 (103.21%), and PF2 (127.69%) with regard to the content ratio were above 100%.
Mean Physical (PF2) and Role Function (RF2) Scores were (Table 3) 62.3 and 61.1 at baseline, 58.4 and 56.3 after CT 1, 60.5 and 58.0 after CT 6, 62.1 and 64.6 during EBRT (two weeks after starting; EBRT 2 weeks) and 67.9 and 66.4 after completion of radiotherapy (EBRT COMPL).
To exclude the possibility of sample contamination during procedures, we simultaneously treated a sample with the same reagents and kits used for PF and PF2 and surveyed it by PCR; results were negative.