PFADPilot for a Day (various organizations)
PFADProtection from Abuse Database
PFADPalm Fatty Acid Distillate
PFADPrincipal for A Day (Public Education Needs Civic Involvement in Learning)
PFADProtection from Abuse Database (Pennsylvania)
PFADProvision for Adverse Deviation (actuarial term)
PFADPredictive Failures and Advanced Diagnostics
PFADPayload Flight Anomaly Database
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Gemusehandler wie Pilger konnen den Pfad der Gewalt einschlagen, um ihre sozialen Konflikte auszutragen.
Clark's new Model PFAD Turbine Flow Sensor features PFA wetted parts with ruby bearings to meet US Pharmacopeia Class VI requirements.
The dynamics of the TPB reactor with respect to the hydrogenation of NBR are modeled by coupling the flow behavior using plug flow with axial dispersion (PFAD) with mass transfer and reaction terms.
The activity of the enoyl reductase enzyme in the PUFA gene cluster, pfaD, has also been measured in vitro (41).
20, D-77815 Buhl/Baden) or Siegbert Zecha (Windecker Pfad I, D-61137 Schoneck).
Production of fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) from palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD) having high free fatty acids (FFA) was investigated by Chongkhong S et al (2007) [41].
Das im Finnischen auftretende schriftsprachliche ratamo (tie-, piha/ratamo u.a.) ist ein kunstliches Gebilde aus dem Wort rata 'Weg, Pfad' < germ., vgl.
Working on paper, he tends to limit his palette, as in Pfad, 2003, dominated by a uniform blue background, and Runde, 2003, in which delirious yellows and deep greens define figures and background alike.
This year, Mayor Bloomberg opened the PFAD Town Meeting by outlining his proposal for an additional $5.3 billion in state aid to provide New York City public schoolchildren with a "sound, basic education."
(63) Franz Baermann Steiner, Am sturzenden Pfad: Gesammelte Gedichte, ed.
Der gefrorene Pfad: Mythen, Marchen und Legenden der Eskimo.
A complete predictive failures and advanced diagnostics (PFAD) system will be defined in a concept of operations and system architecture report, and a subset of the PFAD tool suite will be developed and tested.