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Pfanz is a graduate of the College of William and Mary.
This study was based on the hypotheses that (i) the extent of weathering and neo-formation of minerals, together with the specification of cation exchange and availability of the selected nutrients (all of which may affect stabilisation of SOM) is controlled by geogenic C[O.sub.2] on mofette sites, and (ii) p(C[O.sub.2]) affects not only the distribution of SOC among particle-size and density fractions of SOM (Rennert and Pfanz 2015), but also the qualitative SOM composition of the fractions, which was investigated by infrared spectroscopy in this study.
Pfanz, "Non-foliar photosynthesis--a strategy of additional carbon acquisition," Flora, vol.
Many studies involving elevated levels of [CO2], have been performed in this area (Kaligaric, 2001; Pfanz et al., 2004; Aschan et al., 2005).
(8.) Pfanz, Gettysburg: The Second Day, 301; New York Monuments Commission for the Battlefields of Gettysburg and Chattanooga, Final Report on the Battlefield of Gettysburg (Albany, NY: J.B.
Yet, unlike Pfanz, who meticulously reconstructed the events and addressed all of the factors that shaped Ewell's thinking on 1 July, Casdorph neglects a number of critical points.
Pfanz, 496 pp., 61/8 x 91/4, 54 illus., 16 maps, append., notes, bibl., index $34.95 cloth ISBN 0-8078-2624-3 Published Spring/Summer 2001,
Nevertheless, most of those quoted in the Story echoed Tower Press's production manager, Barbara Pfanz, who said, "I choose not to [leave] for my sanity's sake.
Harry Pfanz gives a thoughtful defense of Richard Ewell's performance on July 1; Emory Thomas asserts that an explanation for Jeb Stuart's conduct might lie in the cavalryman's physical and mental exhaustion; Carol Reardonreminds us of how little is really known about Pickett's Charge; Kent Gramm recounts the events of July 2 and how command decisions interwove to place the First Minnesota in a cauldron of death; Joseph T.
The green samara wing was reported to have photosynthetic activity (Ashton, 1989; Kenzo et al., 2003) and may provide a proportion of the carbon requirement for seed development (Asxhan and Pfanz, 2003).
Pfanz, Gettysburg: Day Three by Jeffry Wert, or Pickett's Charge in History and Memory by Carol Reardon).