PFBAParent Forum for Bradford & Airedale (UK)
PFBAPakistan-France Business Alliance
PFBAProvincial Fire Brigades Association
PFBAPius Floris Boomverzorging Amsterdam
PFBAPotential Function Based Algorithm
PFBAPittsburgh Food Brokers Association
PFBAPenta-Fluorobenzoic Acid
PFBAPrinted Fractal Branch Antenna
PFBAProfessional Farriers and Blacksmiths Association
PFBAperfluoro-n-butyric acid
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LOQ Linear range Compound (ng x [L.sup.-1]) (ng x [L.sup.-1]) [R.sup.2] PFBA 5 5-200 0.999 PFPeA 1 1-250 0.999 PFBS 1 1-250 0.999 PFHxA 1 1-250 0.999 PFHpA 1 1-250 0.999 PFHxS 1 1-250 0.999 PFOA 1 1-250 0.999 PFNA 1 1-250 0.999 PFOS 0.2 0.2-250 0.999 PFDA 5 5-250 0.999 PFUnDA 5 5-250 0.999 PFDoDA 5 5-250 0.999 Accuracy Repeatability Compound (%) CV% PFBA 101.1 10.7 PFPeA 91.7 10.6 PFBS 95.6 11.5 PFHxA 97.4 8.28 PFHpA 97.2 10.4 PFHxS 88.94 9.7 PFOA 99.9 11.5 PFNA 93.0 13.8 PFOS 85.0 12.4 PFDA 81.0 12.1 PFUnDA 107.2 11.3 PFDoDA 107.4 9.5 Table 6: Matrix effect index for all analytes.
PFBA Chairman Jamil Hamdani and Vice Chairman Saeed Allawala, while addressing an awareness seminar of Karachi's business community at a local hotel organized as part of a wider outreach campaign on Safer Charity Practice being run by the Ministry of Information Broadcasting and National Heritage, were of the view that the business community should be made aware of this hidden threat, since they are among the most generous donors.
Seven PFCs were selected for measurement in serum to coincide with groundwater and drinking water monitoring: PFOA, PFOS, PFBA, perfluorobutanesulfonic acid (PFBS), perfluorohexanesulfonate (PFHxS), perfluorohexanoic acid (PFHxA), and perfluoro-n-pentanoic acid (PFPeA).
Standards of PFBA, PFPeA, PFHxA, PFOA, PFBS, PFHxS, and PFOS were purchased, as were the stable isotope labeled internal standards for PFBA, PFHxA, PFOA, PFHxS, and PFOS.
After a further 2 pore volumes it was then replaced with a tension infiltrometer containing bromide, DFBA, and PFBA, then finally replaced with a tension infiltrometer containing bromide, DFBA, PFBA, and TFBA.
Jamil Hamdani Chairman/CEO of PFBA gave a presentation on 'Opportunities for French Companies in Pakistan'.
The Pakistan-France Business Alliance (PFBA) has been actively involved in drawing French companies to set up business in Pakistan.
(PFC) ([micro]g/L) Population * Population * Average Level Range ([micro]g/L) ([micro]g/L) 10th to the 95th Percentile PFOA 3.9 1.9-9.8 PFOS 20.7 9.8-54.6 PFBA ** ** PFHxS 1.9 0.7-8.3 PFBS ** ** PFHxA ** ** PFPeA ** ** * The levels for the U.S.
ISLAMABAD -- Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) will forge stronger business alliance with Pakistan France Business Alliance (PFBA) and it will extend its full cooperation to PFBA for increasing the trade between Pakistan and France.
Elimination kinetics of the short-chain PFCA products in the blood [perfluorobutanoic acid (PFBA) and PFHxA] were significantly slower after diPAP dose administration than after monoPAP (t-test, p < 0.01; Table 1).
SouthAsia talks to Jamil Hamdani, President, Pakistan-France Business Alliance (PFBA).