PFCAPolitical Framework for Crisis Approach (EU)
PFCAPinon Flat, CA (seismological station)
PFCAPartners for Clean Air (Illinois)
PFCAPeople First of California, Inc.
PFCAPerfluorinated Carboxylic Acid
PFCAPublic Fuel Cell Alliance
PFCAPartnership for Families Children and Adults
PFCAPublic Folder Connection Agreement
PFCAPatient Focused Care Association
PFCAParker Football Coaches Association (Colorado)
PFCAPerformance Ford Club of America
PFCAPublic Facility Compliance Alternative
PFCAPug Figurine Club of America
PFCAPump Flow Control Assembly
PFCAPulsed Flow Chemiluminescence Analyser
PFCAPrincipal Finance Credit Arbitrage
PFCAPrivate Foreign Currency Account
PFCAPreliminary Functional Configuration Audit
PFCAPost Free Classified Ads (website)
PFCAPennsbury Falcons Cheerleading Association (Morrisville, PA)
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To obtain the optimum performance of the electrolytic cell, PFSA and PFCA were combined to prepare two-layer ion exchange membranes.
To minimize the differences in water transportation between these two layers, some scholars have proposed to use a blend membrane consisting of both PFSA and PFCA as a middle layer laminated between the sulfonic and the carboxylic layer [22, 23].
The PFCA and Shareholder Agreement with EWC are conditional on reaching final investment decision (FID) to proceed with the LNG plant no later than December 31, 2011.
PFCA is a publicly owned tract of land of approximately 288 hectares located in Callaway County, Missouri, Township 48, Range 7 West.
The topography of PFCA is gentle, with a total elevational gradient of approximately 37 m; no steeply incised banks or cliffs are present.
The correlations of the MSA rates of CABG and PFCA with the other procedures and diagnoses related to coronary artery disease are shown in Table 2.
New knowledge has resulted in a general recognition of so-called "long-chain" PFASs (i.e., perfluoroalkylcarboxylic acids (PFCAs) with [greater than or equal to] 7 perfluorinated carbons, perfluoroalkanesulfonic acids (PFSAs) with [greater than or equal to] 6 perfluorinated carbons, and their precursors) as contaminants of emerging global concern.
For many of the PFASs other than PFCAs, PFSAs, and their major precursors, public information on their hazardous properties, environmental fate and transport, exposure, and toxic effects is still very limited, and in the public domain they remain largely unassessed and unregulated (Wang et al.
Meanwhile, long-chain PFCA levels in human plasma or serum have been increasing in many areas, including the United States (Kato et al.
Although humans are exposed directly to PFCAs in food and dust, the pharmacokinetic parameters determined here suggest that PAP exposure should be considered a significant indirect source of human PFCA contamination.
Production of perfluorinated carboxylic acids (PFCAs) from the biotransformation of polyfluoroalkyl phosphate surfactants (PAPS): exploring routes of human contamination.