PFCLPeshawar Flying Club Ltd. (Pakistan)
PFCLPower Finance Corporation Limited (India)
PFCLPatriots for Civil Liberties (Arkansas)
PFCLPaid Family Care Leave (California)
PFCLPolitical Funds Control Law (Japan)
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Once complete peroperative retinal flattening (after retinectomy) was achieved, all eyes underwent endolaser followed by direct exchange of PFCL with SO (ALCHIMIA).
"The PFCL will contest the parliamentary elections of May with 48 candidates but if the government failed to create the necessary conditions for free and transparent elections, the front will pull out its candidates even the winning ones from the process," he added.
The following baseline characteristics were collected: type of gas, age, sex, intraocular pressure (IOP), lens status, axial length, high myopia, involvement of macula, number of retinal breaks, range of retinal detachment, presence of inferior breaks, use of PFCL during operation, and best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA), which was quantified using lines of Snellen visual acuity.
In a press conference, the PFCL statement described the meetings with Russian officials as an opportunity to stress the Front's principles based on the need for protecting peaceful national popular activity through rejecting all forms of foreign interference and stressing that serious constructive dialogue between national parties is the only way to come out of the crisis.
Abbreviations AC: Anterior chamber AHFG: Anterior hyaloid fibrovascular proliferation ERM: Epiretinal membrane EVALP: Evaluation protocol EVRS: European Vitreoretinal Society Eyesi: Eye simulator (manufactured by VRmagic company) f/u: Follow-up g: Gauge GRT: Great retinal tears ILM: Inner limiting membrane mPa x s: Millipascal seconds med.: Medical P(D)VR: Proliferative (diabetic) vitreoretinopathy PFCL: Perfluorocarbon liquids PPV: Pars plana vitrectomy PVD: Posterior vitreous detachment SLP: Scheimpflug lens photography SO: Silicone oil SOT: Silicone oil tamponade SOP: Standard operation procedure TRD: Tractional retinal detachment VB: Vitreous body.
The applications of PFCL are, in part, limited to intraoperative use due to its long-term toxicity.
DAMASCUS, SANA_ The Popular Front for Change and Liberation in Syria (PFCL) was established comprising the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, the National Committee for the Syrian Communists Union and a group of Syria national figures.
They have not observed any iatrogenic injury of the macula during PPV for metallic IOFB removal with PFCL use in our group of 42 patients.
Perfluorocarbon liquid (PFCL) was introduced firstly to vitreoretinal surgery by Stanley Chang as a temporary tamponade [13].
Intraoperative use of perfluorocarbon liquids (PFCL) was at the discretion of the operating surgeon.