PFDJPeople's Front for Democracy and Justice (Eritrea)
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The legislature, the Transitional National Assembly, comprises 75 members of the PFDJ and 75 additional popularly elected members.
PFDJ leaders say that restoring them is at the heart of their party-building strategy now.
The decision to build the railroad without foreign assistance reflects the PFDJ's fierce commitment to self-reliance.
This has no doubt been strengthened by the fact that the PFDJ, the current government of Eritrea, won the independence struggle, giving the government a credibility and legitimacy that few others in Africa currently sustain.
Meanwhile, the new PFDJ, the country's only legal political organization in the lead-up to the legalization of rival parties in 1997, has made participation at the community level its top priority.
JS: It has been said that the PFDJ companies are competing unfavourably with private investors.
In May 2001 they wrote an open letter to the president and to the ruling People's Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) party, calling to implement Eritrea's constitution , for the democratisation of government institutions, freeing of political prisoners, strengthening civil society, building new homes and aid for disabled national liberation fighters.
The inauguration ceremony was attended by Ministers, senior PFDJ heads, branch heads of the Education Ministry, and the PRC Ambassador to Eritrea, Mr.
The EPLF (and later its successor, the PFDJ) expressed its commitment to establishing a democratic form of government and a free-market economy in Eritrea.
The People's Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) as the only patty, established companies ostensibly to rebuild the country.
The EPLF changed its name to the People's Front for Democracy and Justice, PFDJ, in preparation for a pluralist political system.
Speaking to Sudan Tribune , organizers and participants accused Afeworki-led government and its ruling party, the People's Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) of hijacking the struggle for freedom, Justice and democracy and imposing misery to the people.