PFDRPositive False Discovery Rate (statistics)
PFDRPathfinder (US Army)
PFDRPort F Data Register (computing)
PFDRPyramidal Fly-Eye Diversity Receiver
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After applying a 2-fold change as a cut-off point and a pFDR < 0.05, MCF-7 cells treated with [E.sub.2] displayed 39 genes that were differentially expressed compared to the control, whereas after [T.sub.3] treatment only 25 genes were differentially expressed relative to control cells.
Using more stringent criteria (2-fold cutoff and pFDR < 0.05), the number of genes modified by [E.sub.2] and [T.sub.3] decreased to eight.
To assess the significance ofeach test, an analogous quantity of the p-value was proposed by Storey (41) in terms of the pFDR, as follows:
The q-value, a Bayesian version of the p-value (posterior Bayesian p-value), is a measure of the strength of an observed statistics with respect to the pFDR (41).
All involved PFDR partners, which also includes patient advocates, reached consensus on the outcomes that matter scientifically in terms of objective cure rates and complications as well as on subjective outcomes that matter most to patients.
With the PFDR, we are able to capture not only that objective data but also the critically important patient-centered outcomes.
With the PFDR, a patient who goes to surgeon B following a complication with surgeon A can still be followed.
Unfortunately, differences between older and newer transvaginal mesh delivery systems will not be evaluated as part of the required 522 studies within the PFDR; however, I really look forward to seeing the data roll out on the second generation vaginal mesh kits compared to native tissue repairs.
The PFDR has 2 options for volunteer registry participation, the PFDR-Quality Improvement and PFDR-Research.
For many reasons, it is important for surgeons who are performing a high volume of POP surgeries per year to get involved in the PFDR. In fact, even if you are not performing surgery, you still can get involved with the nonsurgical pessary side.