PFELPacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratory (Pacific Grove, California)
PFELPrestations Familiales Extra Légales (French: Extra Legal Family Benefits)
PFELPacific Far East Line, Inc
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At a granular level, the sheer number of rules of evidence is vast, (5) but PFEL surveys the major federal rules with emphasis on probative value, counterweights to relevant evidence, character evidence, competency of witnesses, privileges, impeachment, hearsay, limited admissibility, (6) and expert and scientific evidence.
PFEL is similarly laudatory in its assessments of the rules that channel and limit evidence of a person's character (or traits of character).
PFEL also has much to say about jurors' abilities and performance on various tasks.
Indeed, PFEL suggests that direct psychological or sociological studies are unlikely to provide an answer to some of the law's empirical questions.
Suffice it to say that, in PFEL, two of the world's leading scholars and teachers of law and psychology (20) distill a huge body of information and present their own opinions across the wide landscape of trial rules, procedures, and players.
It is this musical background, says Pfel, a mixing champion in his own right having been crowned DMC France champion in 2003, that give C2C their distinctive almost orchestral sound to their style.
"It is just the same as being in a band," says Pfel of their mixing technique.
"It was completely unexpected," says Pfel of the first time they were crowned DMC Champions.
"There are rumours around that this year the championships will take place in France so it would be great to be able to win it in our home country," reveals Pfel.
Upwelling Index The coastal upwelling index (UI) east of Kodiak Island (60[degrees]N, 149[degrees]W) from 1951 to 2000 (n=50 years) were obtained from the PFEL homepage (, accessed June 2004).
Northern Oscillation Index The Northern Oscillation Index (NOI) values were obtained from the PFEL homepage (, accessed June 2004).