PFEMParallel Finite Element Method (research application)
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The 3D PFEM consist of nonpolynomial functions, which require special integration techniques.
It is seen that the range for the error norms of the VPHE elements is similar to those obtained using Wachspress and mean value coordinate for 2 dimensions [45] and 3D PFEM [30] for 3 dimensions, but the integration of the stiffness matrices is much simpler.
A regression of the initial estimates of |F.sub.u~ on the Census Bureau measures of proportion female (PFEM) and its square estimated for all SLG occupations with a minimum CPS cell size of 80 yielded the following equation (t-values in parentheses): |F.sub.u~ = 1.5064.PFEM (17.34) - .55645.PFE|M.sup.2~ (5.21).