PFETP-Channel Field Effect Transistor
PFETPositive Channel Field Effect Transistor
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used triangular structures to induce such unidirectional orientation on F8BT and integrated the oriented thin films into PFET and PLED devices.
In fact, understanding these correlations from both theoretical and experimental points of view represents a major achievement to increase the performances of conjugated polymer devices such as polymer solar cells (PSCs), polymer light-emitting devices (PLEDs), or polymer field-effect transistors (PFETs).
On the other hand, in the on state of PFETs, charges need to move from the source to the drain and high horizontal transport properties between these two electrodes are necessary.
Treadmill PFET for the left calf increased 354% during the first three months, and remained relatively steady through six months.
Greater posttraining PFET, pain-free power output, MXT, and maximal power output indicate delayed and less severe calf claudication during treadmill walking on steep inclines.
CMOS is made of two types of transistors: positively-charged field effect transistors (PFETs), and negatively charged FETs (NFETs).