PfHProcurement for Housing (social housing; Derbyshire, UK)
PFHProbability of Failure per Hour
PFHPopular Financial Holdings (Popular, Inc.)
PFHPlanet Field Hockey (international coverage)
PFHPartners for Health
PFHPutters From Heaven
PFHPopulation and Family Health Program (World Bank)
PFHPast Family History (medical data)
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Wallis says that although age population targeting was the main goal of building the program and facility, PFH also wanted to create a quality program that would align with the changing healthcare landscape and also be attractive to diverse funding streams.
notification that PFH Investments Limited ("PFH") had filed a
Pfannenberg presented its compact fan heater from the PFH Series at the Show for the first time.
According to quality-of-life surveys, however, the negative effects of PFH are comparable to conditions such as severe psoriasis, end-stage renal disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.
Pfannenberg launched its compact fan heater from the PFH Series.
And 80 posts are being created by PFH technology in Cork and Dublin.
The FTIR spectra of the PFH and PHFNW are consistent with those of soy hulls and acid-treated soy hulls, respectively, as reported by Alemdar and Sain (23).
announced an agreement to sell a controlling interest to PFH Partnership Holdings, L.
2008, the Company received notification that PFH Investments Limited
Nimsoft Monitor Provides PFH Clients Insight Into IT infrastructure and Services While Laying Groundwork for Cloud Offerings
mainland-based subsidiary Popular Financial Holdings ("PFH"), and thus the results of PFH are presented as part of "Loss from discontinued operations, net of income tax" in Exhibits A and B.
Cloud infrastructure and application service providers-such as ACADIA, Basefarm AS, Information Transport Solutions, NEXON, PFH Technology Group, Rapidscale, and Synergy Live