PFIPPublic Finance Institute of the Philippines
PFIPPrime Focus Instrument Package (optics)
PFIPPermanent Forum for Indigenous Peoples (UN)
PFIPPrivate Flood Insurance Program
PFIPPrime Focus Imaging Platform (William Herschel Telescope)
PFIPPhysical Fitness Incentive Pay (California)
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Im truly pleased to see that the identification of this strong need has not stopped at the identification stage- and that there has been ongoing work by NPF, supported by PFIP, to design a product that is appropriate for our local context.
These objectives and all TA delivered will be aligned to the USG-GoSA PFIP, NSP, NSDA, PHC Reengineering program, National Core Standards and NHI objectives.
Sajid Yousfani said the PFIP was a significant initiative taken by the board to educate and enlighten investors about a legal and regulatory regime that highlights long-term incentives and risk-returns in Punjab.
The objectives and TA delivered are aligned to the USG-GoSA PFIP, NSP, NSDA, PHC Reengineering program, NCS and NHI objectives.
Other on-going projects that BPNG leads include the Microfinance Expansion Project supported by Asian Development Bank, in which a financial literacy and education program is to be developed through a newly established National Center for Excellence in Financial Inclusion (CEFI), the UN PFIP Financial Diary Project and Financial Competency Survey, which focuses on understanding the cash-flow management of low income households in select households in urban and rural communities.