PFOFPeninsula Fix Our Ferals (California)
PFOFPayment for Order Flow
PFOFPembroke Friends of Football (New Hampshire)
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The key issue relies on how to prove that this practice, or other similar ones, generate conflicts of interests--even with the introduction of MiFID II and tighter regulations on PFOF practices as of 3rd of January 2018.
But even when MiFID II limits most of the PFOF practices, firms may start to offer other types of services--as noted in an FCA review, by providing "an 'arranging service' and not the execution of clients orders" (FCA, 2014).
Tenders are invited for Electrification works including PFof luminaries fans geysers etc in newly renovated upgraded Dy Medical Superintendents office and newly constructed staff room bathroom at and Improvement upgradation of electrical works in IPD at MCH Bemina