PFPAPentagon Force Protection Agency (DoD)
PFPAPhilippine Federation of Professional Associations
PFPAPer Family Per Annum (health care)
PFPAPersonal Financial Planning Association
PFPAProbe-Fed Plate Antenna
PFPAPartnership for Prescription Assistance (Department of Health; Dane County, WI)
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In fact, personnel from the PFPA safeguard and protect occupants and visitors at about 100 facilities in the National Capital Region, including the recently opened Mark Center.
That selflessness was demonstrated in the single fatality that PFPA has suffered in the past decade.
This is quite possible and has been a practice in previous years," PFPA Secretary Jalaluddin Hasan said.
Ikramullah Khan, Vice Chairman of the PFPA, said the horticulture industry would earn precious foreign exchange for the country from the fruit produce which was considered as |perishable' fruit and was at present going waste.
The PFPA GC/MS and MS/MS contract will last 12 months and was awarded by the U.
In addition to the 24/7 analysis, MRIGlobal provides services for the evaluation and validation of analytical methods that enhance the PFPA biological threat agent detection mission.
We also understand the management and resource challenges associated with conducting operational and strategic level IT planning, which is essential to help PFPA be the premier Public Safety and Law Enforcement organization within DOD.
In response to the terrorist attack against the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, the DoD established the PFPA combining the Pentagon's police force, formerly known as the Defense Protective Service, and its role of providing basic law enforcement and security for the Pentagon and DoD interests in the National Capital Region.
This new contract will entail the same work but will be an Integrated Security Services Contract (ISSC) from the PFPA and the Washington Headquarters Service.
We believe that this order from the PFPA substantiates the applicability of our technology to meet the requirements for document verification of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD 12).
To assist in managing sensitive information among the many groups protecting the Pentagon, PFPA has deployed a secure, Internet based portal operated by The ESP Group, LLC.