PFPNPrograma para el Fortalecimiento del Posgrado Nacional (México)
PFPNPlate Forme Paysanne du Niger (French; Nigerian agricultural group)
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Therefore, a combination of [P.sub.H], [T.sub.1/2] and [L.sub.80] could significantly improve PFPN, melon yield and fruit quality and these are suitable agronomic measures for muskmelon production in greenhouses.
To a certain extent, [P.sub.H], [T.sub.1/2] and [L.sub.80] maintained higher root activity, significantly promoted the growth of soil microbes and improved urease, ALP and catalase activity, and thus significantly improved PFPN, yield and ftuit quality under greenhouse conditions.
The influence of various irrigation and nitrogen supply combinations on economic yield, WUE, and PFPN is shown in Table 2.
With respect to inorganic fertilizer N rates, lower three N rates; N1P1K1, N2P1K1 and N3P1K1 were at par (P>0.05) regarding PFPN with measurements of 47.33 kg kg-1, 47.23 kg kg-1 and 48.08 kg kg-1, respectively.
Calculations of NUE, N agronomic efficiency (NAE) and partial factor productivity of applied N (PFPN) were respectively accorded to Arrobas et al.
Dense planting with less basal N application significantly enhanced PFPN for all varieties at each location (Pless than 0.01) (Fig.