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PFQPacket Fair Queueing
PFQPer-Flow Queuing
PFQPartnership for Quality
PFQPre Fetch Queue (ARM CPU)
PFQPay for Quality (National Health Service; UK)
PFQPretty Freakin' Quick (polite form)
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TABLE 1 Means, Standard Deviations, Sample Sizes, t Values, and Effect Sizes of Alcohol-Abusing Spouse and Non-Alcohol-Abusing Spouse Alcohol-Abusing Non-Alcohol-Abusing Spouse Spouse Variable M SD n M SD n PFQ 72.
com), a drug development company commercializing the next generation of monoclonal antibodies based on its technology, Dynamic Cross Linking (DXL[TM]), was recently featured in three leading pharmaceutical publications, Drug Delivery Technology, Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology, and PFQ Magazine.
The three periodicals are: Food Quality, PFQ (Pharmaceutical Formulation & Quality), and Contamination Control.