PFWPersonal Firewall
PFWProject Feeder Watch (Cornell University, Ithica, NY)
PFWProduced Formation Water (offshore oil and gas processing)
PFWPerformance Feedback Worksheet
PFWPartition Firmware
PFWPermit For Work
PFWPotential Future Wife
PFWPropagating Floquet Wave
PFWPhone Fire Wall (person or department protecting the developers and others from being contacted directly by end users)
PFWPro Football Weekly (sports magazine)
PFWPrison for Women (various locations)
PFWPortland Fashion Week (Portland, OR)
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The acquired assets include the cargo loading system business for the Airbus A320 family of aircraft and aftermarket spares for additional legacy PFW cargo loading systems produced for other Airbus platforms.
Sage ERP recently announced that they will be retiring their PFW software effective March 14th, 2014; giving their process manufacturing clients time to prepare, plan and evaluate alternative solutions.
In an exclusive interview with AA, Director General of PFW Aerospace Corporation Juergen Viehrig said that their investment at the Aegean Free Zone continues to grow after 2003, the year when Airbus and Boeing made orders to PFW for the manufacture of certain aeronautics devices.
The USAF has a formal developmental-feedback tool in the PFW, but it often has a low priority and is inadequately applied.
The expression of CYP1A, CYP2M1- and 2K1-like proteins was examined in Gold-Spotted Trevally (Carangoides fulvoguttatus) and Bar-Cheeked Coral Trout (Plectropomus maculatus) as possible biomarkers of PFW impact.
A PFW Biological Science Technician operated a Hydro-Ax to remove unwanted vegetation on approximately 20 acres (8 ha).
Peter brings 25 years experience from companies such as Nestle, PFW and most recently Takasago International.
The bank's access control and alarm systems are controlled from a standalone computer system adjacent to the PFW PC station.
Borrowing freely from the tactical notebooks of grassroots environmentalism, PFW mounted a multifront campaign and, with most of the conservation movement unprepared for such an aggressive enemy, won the fight.
Sage KnowledgeSync is the Endorsed solution for alerts and workflow for use with ten Sage solutions, including Sage ERP MAS 90, Sage ERP MAS 200, Sage ERP MAS 500, Sage HRMS, Sage BusinessVision, Sage BusinessWorks, Sage PFW ERP, and Sage Pro ERP.
Sigma Components, an Aerospace Division of Avingtrans Plc has entered into a 10-year ong term agreement (LTA) with PFW Aerospace GmbH
NYSE: AIR) announced today that its 100% owned subsidiary, Telair International GmbH, has completed the acquisition of cargo loading system assets of Speyer, Germany based PFW Aerospace GmbH, which the company announced on December 2, 2013.