PG1Panzer General 1
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Focusing on the degree of association between PG1 and its associations with PE1, only a positive relation was found, the correlation between PG1.
CONOCIMIENTO LINGUISTICO DEL CATALAN DEL ALUMNADO AUTOCTONO E INMIGRANTE PG1 [sigma] PG2 [sigma] Alumnado autoctono 81,180 11,777 72,925 11,264 Alumnado inmigrante 59,532 20,114 53,346 17,149
83 EF, indoor/outdoor model LA6 N/A N/A (significant code issues precluded the advanced water heater retrofit) PG1 CTWH 17-199 kBtu/h, 95% EF, indoor/outdoor, direct vent, 0.
Concretandonos en el grado de asociacion entre PG1 y la PE1, se encontro solamente una relacion positiva, la correlacion entre PG1.
Flash chromatography of PG1 lead to the isolation of PG1b1, PG1b2, PG1b3 and PG1b4.
Variavel N Media M F M F PG1 10 08 25,50 [+ or -] 4,29 31,52 [+ or -] 7,22 PG2 03 04 23,03 [+ or -] 8,10 26,00 [+ or -] 6,37 PG3 10 08 19,96 [+ or -] 4,90 27,32 [+ or -] 7,15 M: masculino; F: feminino PM1: percentual de massa gorda na fase 1; PM2: percentual de massa gorda na fase 2; PM3: percentual de massa gorda na fase 3 Tabela 4.
As part of the DFARS transformation, the DOD proposed amending changes that would delete unnecessary text, and relocate guidance on source selection to the new PG1.
Marketing controller Andrew Ovens said: "We are delighted that the EU has finally rubberstamped the change of PG1 definition for both Scotch beef and Scotch lamb.
The invention provides polynucleotides including biallelic markers derived from PG1 and from flanking genomic regions.
Table 5: Mean and Median IP-Differentials of All Two-Digit Industries (1991 Census Data) Mean NQ TC1 TC7 BD1 BD2 PG1 PG2 Young -1.
3 Report of the Program Guidelines Committee, WCC Eighth Assembly document PG1, adopted version, p.