PGAGPhilippine Golf Association of Georgia (Monroe, GA)
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A set of six different haplotypes limited to the PR (pAAG, pGAC, pAGG, pAAC, pGAG, pAGC) was assayed in MCF-7 cells (Figure 1A and B) and in HEK293FT cells (Figure 1C and D).
The results are depicted for each construct (panels A and C) or in relation to rs689466 A/G allele (panels B and D), combining data obtained with constructs pAAG, pGAC, pAAC and pGAG (pNAN) or with pAGG and pAGC (pNGN).
" ?SOUTH Korean Bae Sangmoon won his maiden PGAG Tour title at the Byron Nelson Championship in Texas.