PGBCProfessional Green Building Council (Hong Kong)
PGBCPleasant Grove Baptist Church (Shepherdsville, KY)
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PGBCProstaglandin E2 Biosynthetic Capacity
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PGBC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Aqrab Ali Rana said here Wednesday that the Council's Board of Directors have also reviewed the preparations for this mega event expected to be attended by different sectors of the industry, architects, builders, constructors, representatives of HVAC and R sector.
Now PGBC has taken it up as a means of degrading PET bottles.
The rate at which Reverte acts can be controlled, and this means that PGBC can counter criticisms that it is jeopardising the recycling stream.
PGBC says the package is adaptable to most liquids packaged into PET plastic containers, including alcoholic beverages.
"Our dedication to biodegradability of plastic bottles started in Africa, before focussing on joint ventures in foreign markets globally," said Nick Havercroft Chairman of PGBC. "We have negotiated transactions in at least 10 countries to date to introduce biodegradable plastic bottles around the world.
For an example of the illusionary savings, one only needs to look at the PGBC's woes as corporations continue to offload their pension plans.
PGBC filed a motion with the bankruptcy court advocating rejection of the concessions deal, which it said would cause the agency "to sustain a multibillion-dollar loss".
The pension community is very concerned about the prospect of the PGBC hiking premiums up to 20 percent a year, as well as the prospect of not having a comprehensive pension reform bill enacted this year and resorting back to a 30-year Treasury rate.
Editor's Note: For more information on the VCP, please see "The New PGBC Voluntary Correction Program" on page 56.
Total private-sector underfunding, the PGBC reported last month, has now hit $71 billion.