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To date, classical reviews of metabolic disorders did not include MPS type VII (Sly disease) in the group of rare conditions known as "Polyglucosan Body Disorders (PGBD)" [5].
Abbreviations CMV: Cytomegalovirus CNS: Central nervous system CP: Cortical plate, cerebral Hb: Hemoglobin HE: Hematoxylin-Eosin (staining) HF: Hydrops fetalis LSD: Lysosomal storage diseases MPS: Mucopolysaccharidosis NIHF: Nonimmune hydrops fetalis PAS: Periodic Acid-Schiff (staining) PAS-D: Periodic Acid-Schiff-diastase/amylase (staining) PCR: Polymerase chain reaction PG: Polyglucosans PGB: Polyglucosan bodies PGBD: Polyglucosan Body Disease(s)/Polyglucosan Body Disorder(s) APGBD: Adult Polyglucosan Body Disease WM: White matter, cerebral.