PGBTPresident George Bush Turnpike (Dallas, Texas)
PGBTPre-Gate Closure BMU (Balancing Mechanism Unit) Transaction
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Accuracy (%)/Time 10% 20% 30% dt 99.16/6.0ms 99.20/17.0ms 99.24/19.9ms rt 97.37/933ms 98.19/2.0s 98.42/3.Is ert 97.27/1.4s 97.68/2.8s 98.47/4.2s gbt 99.60/6.1s 99.84/12.2s 99.85/18.5s Pgbt 99.60/4.5s 99.84/10.2s 99.85/16.5s pcgbt 98.55/206ms 98.88/1.2s 99.42/1.3s SVM 98.52/406ms 98.60/1.8s 98.62/2.Is Accuracy (%)/Time 40% 50% dt 99.37/25.0ms 99.52/34.0ms rt 98.50/4.3s 98.54/5.5s ert 98.54/5.8s 98.72/7.2s gbt 99.82/25.8s 99.85/33.2s Pgbt 99.82/20.4s 99.85/29.3 pcgbt 99.50/2.3s 99.50/4.5s SVM 98.73/3.5s 98.80/6.5s Table 3: The comparison of accuracy and running time of six algorithms on 15-Scenes with different sampling.