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PGCEPostgraduate Certificate in Education (UK)
PGCEProfessional Graduate Certificate in Education (UK)
PGCEPrimary Generalized Corticoreticular Epilepsy (neurology)
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Mr Humble, who also writes the fortnightly Dr Maths column for the Chronicle, said: "The event has been great experience for the PGCE students as it shows how they can be creative in the classroom.
She said: ``As a rule the University of Wales PGCE used to wear a hood but this year the university has advised that PGCE graduands are only to wear a plain black gown and hat,as the postgraduate hood is not suitable.
We very much welcome the wide diversity of interests and experiences that many of our students bring to the PGCE teacher training course at Swansea Met.
She was presented with the accolade by Ceri Osborne, primary PGCE programme director at the university, and Professor John Parkinson, head of the Swansea Metropolitan's School of Education.
Ian Mallon begins his story in 1989, when he was studying for a PGCE (Post-Graduate Certificate in Education) in Brighton.
Over the last two years, two outstanding former students of mine,both undergraduates at the School of English at Liverpool University,both keen to teach in local comprehensives,have been summarily rejected by Liverpool Hope from the one PGCE course in secondary-schoolEnglish teaching on Merseyside that could have provided them with the means to enter the profession.
So Northallerton-born Bridie, of Brompton-on-Swale, near Catterick, took night classes at Darlington College in Catterick, while she also studied for her PGCE teaching qualification at Durham.
A: A PGCE is a postgraduate certificate in education, which you can take at any time after completing your first degree.
PGCE (Primary) QTS Michael Lewis (Pass) Ashley Gittings (Pass) Hannah Marsh (Pass) Andrew Friend (Pass) Dominic Broad (Pass) Gemma Evason (Pass) Adelaide George (Pass) Delyth Owens (Pass) Nicola Cuco (Pass) Kelly Woolley (Pass) Laura Dunne (Pass) Andrew Lewis (Pass) Clare Williams (Pass) Sarah O'dare (Pass) Claire Keeping (Pass) Elizabeth Colley (Pass) Sara Al-Abd (Pass) Kerry Mcfarland (Pass) Victoria Jones (Pass) Lauren Minshall (Pass) Lucy Davies (Pass)
Peter Dunn, spokesman for Warwick University in Gibbet Hill, Coventry, which runs post-graduate trainee teacher courses, said: "If the agency is not going to fund the fees, universities will have to have a good look at what they do charge for PGCE courses.
Fiona Hall graduated from Northumbria with a 2:1 in BA in Early Primary Education, while her mum, Lorna MacLeod, graduated with a teacher training qualification, a PGCE.