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PGDPreimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
PGDPridobitev Gradbenega Dovoljenja (Slovenian: Obtaining Building Permits)
PGDPostgraduate Diploma
PGDPower, Generation, & Distribution (energy; various organizations)
PGDProfessional Graphics Display
PGDPreïmplantatie Genetische Diagnostiek (Dutch: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis)
PGDPage Down
PGDProduct Group (US Marine Corps)
PGDPhosphogluconate Dehydrogenase
PGDPermanent Ground Deformation (earthquakes)
PGDPolicy for Global Development
PGDPain Generating Disc (pathophysiology)
PGDPhpGmailDrive (file sharing utility)
PGDPure Gonadal Dysgenesis
PGDPharonic Guardian (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
PGDPretty Good Die (integrated circuit production)
PGDParticipación, Gobernabilidad y Desarrollo (Spanish: Participation, Governance and Development)
PGDProduct Group Directorate (USMC)
PGDPolymer Gel Display
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Until this year, Omani couples travelled abroad to seek PGD.
The PGD test only has to be run once on a platelet dose before it is transfused to reduce the risk of sepsis caused by bacterial contamination.
With PGD, a single cell (typically) is taken from each embryo in a biopsy and tested to see if its DNA contains the gene for the disease.
We are currently conducting a study to measure the exact percentage of these couples and what factors are hindering them to go for PGD.
It's also incredibly expensive: the cost of one cycle of PGD and in vitro fertilization can run between $12,000 and $18,000, and is rarely covered by health insurance.
As with many medical interventions associated with human reproduction, however, PGD raises many ethical issues.
Details of PGD and MBE programs, including eligibility criteria and admission process, and application forms are available on CBEC website www.
PGD makes sure that private security personnel could offer assistance to the personnel of the Civil Defence Department (CDD) in case of emergencies.
In the United States, there are no federal regulations that directly regulate PGD.
PGD is performed only on cells obtained through in vitro fertilization (IVF).
PGD was developed to screen embryos for severe irreversible genetic conditions (such as sickle-cell anaemia, Tay-Sachs disease, Duchenne's muscular dystrophy and beta-thalassaemia) before in vitro fertilisation.