PGD2Prostaglandin D2
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The company also stated that it is pursuing the clinical development of KYTH-105 under two separate license agreements for KYTH-105 with Actelion Pharmaceuticals and the University of Pennsylvania, as well as certain patent rights covering the use of PGD2 receptor antagonists for the treatment of hair loss.
As prostaglandinas tem diversas acoes que incluem, por exemplo, o efeito vasodilatador observado quando a PGD2 e liberada de mastocitos ativados por estimulos alergicos ou inflamatorios.
Drugs are already available in the market that reduce PGD2 levels, as it has been implicated in asthma, holding out the hope that developing a related product for baldness could be speedy.
ELISA kits for PGE2, PGF2[alpha], PGI2, PGD2, TXB2, and LTB4 were purchased from Cayman Chemicals Co.
The researchers pinpointed the molecular "receptor" in follicles that allowed PGD2 to exert its effects.
Ainda, os demais modelos da familia GARCH, cuja forma funcional difere da especificada no PGD2, destacam-se pelo pior desempenho dentro da amostra.
The researchers bred a group of mice lacking receptors to which PGD2 binds.
A variety of mild analgesics (including acetaminophen, aspirin, and ibuprofen) have been shown to suppress PGD2 synthesis in human and rodent cell lines.
In both human and animal models, researchers found that a prostaglandin known as PGD2 and its derivative, 15-dPGJ2, inhibit hair growth.
In turn, PGD2 can act via its prostaglandin D receptor (DP) to upregulate Sox9 expression in an autocrine and paracrine manner (Adams and McLaren 2002; Moniot et al.