PGDAProgram on the Global Demography of Aging
PGDAProfessional Graphic Design Association (est. 2005)
PGDAPostgraduate Diploma in Accountancy (various universities)
PGDAPower Generation and Distribution Assembly
PGDA6-Phosphogluconate Dehydrogenase A (genetics)
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The gain programmability of the PGDA allows the system to handle up to four batteries in series.
2010), "Population Aging and Economic Growth in China," PGDA Working Paper No.
Products: 2-ehtylhexoic acid, propionic acid, isopropanol, MIBK, MIBC, isophorone, butoxytriglycol, butoxypolyglycol, methoxytriglycol, methoxypolyglycol, ethoxytriglycol, ethoxypolyglycol, Propyl Cellosolve, propoxydiglycol, Dowanol" EPH, Hexyl Cellosolve, Hexyl Carbitol[TM], hexoxypolyglycol, Dowanol[TM] PPH, Dowanol PGDA, Proglyde[TM] DMM