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The TRTA II Program, implemented by UNIDO in association with ITC and WIPO, took the initiative last year by working together with three premier universities of Pakistan (University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF), UVAS Lahore& University of Karachi) to establish the Post Graduate Diploma Course (PGDC) in Food Safety and Control at their respective institutions.
Earlier this month the TRTA II program also conducted 3-day training courses for the PFA food inspectors and relevant instructors of PGDC at UVAS and UAF on the use of these food Inspection Kits and methods to perform inspection procedures in the field.
Mathieson also conducted a 5-day Pedagogical training course for the PGDC instructors of UVAS and UAF.
The PGDC website uses a consistent design throughout, although the main menus, navigation indexes, and highlighted resources may vary in different sections of the site.
Items under the "news stories" link report on House and Senate activities, IRS announcements, revenue rulings, and Treasury Department notices, as well as articles reprinted from outside the PGDC. September 2010 items included the full text of a letter to the IRS commissioner by Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus requesting a review of IRC section 501(c)(4), (c)(5), and (c)(6) organizations involved in political campaign activity.
According to the Planned Giving Design Center (PGDC) in Maryland, nonprofits may want to terminate P[Fs if they lack critical mass to retain investment management cost effectively or are too small to make portfolio diversification realistic.
The pooled funds can also become a marketing distraction when similar vehicles such as charitable remainder trusts are available, according to the PGDC.
The PGDC Gold Series units are designed for construction and transportation applications and cover four models with water flows of 4 to 6 gpm and pressures of 2000 to 3000 psi.
Govt corporations such as PIA, CAA, PEPCO, PSM, PGDC should be restructured to get rid of corruption and deficits.