PGDMPost Graduate Diploma in Management (also seen as PGDIM)
PGDMPregestational Diabetes Mellitus
PGDMPost-Georges Disaster Mitigation (hurricane relief; USAID)
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PGDM may increase the ratio of inherited abnormalities in the new born children by affecting fetal health and development.
Aspirants can get all the information regarding MBA/ PGDM courses, 50 plus management entrance exams, their preparation tips to what are the significant career prospects after MBA.
Of the children in the cohort, 7.67% had mothers who were obese and 3.66% had mothers who were severely obese based on standard World Health Organization criteria; mothers had PGDM in 0.62% of the births and GDM in 15.7% of the births.
There were no differences between the case and controls in terms of age, parity, ethnicity, rates of gestational diabetes, obstetric cholestasis, thyroid, cardiac, respiratory, rheumatology, haematology, and hypertensive disorders but a difference in maternal BMI, UTI, and PGDM was observed between the two groups.
The occurrence of hypoglycaemia was higher in infants of PGDM (3/4) mothers as compared to that of GDM mothers (5/21) and the difference was statistically significant (p<0.05).
PGDM topper- Divya Manchanda(76.41%), PGDM (International Business) topper - Anish Mittal(78.15%), PGDM(Retail) topper- Jimmi Gupta(80.69%), MCA topper- Shruti Aggarwal(92.2%), BBA toppers- Sanjana ahuja, Paras jain and BCA toppers- Sonali Mallik , Shail Shakya were conferred with the medals.
Dubai has spent Dh80 billion on infrastructure projects since 2005, announced Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), during the launch of the Projects Management Development Programme (PGDM).
XLRI India, however does have a provision for eligible participants to enrol for more than one certificate programme for ex-PGP (Part Time) in Business Management (PGDM) within five years with XLRI India.
The institute will offer 100 per cent scholarship to nearly a quarter of its students who enroll for its PGDM ( Post- Graduate Diploma in Management) programme to pursue three months of the course in a European institution.
Munish holds a Masters in Business Administration (PGDM) from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, and a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh.
Several classical metric learning algorithms such as probabilistic global distance metric learning (PGDM) [5], large margin nearest neighbor (LMNN) [6], and information-theoretic metric learning (ITML) [7] have been proposed to learn the Mahalanobis distance.
The productivity of green dry matter (PGDM) reached 4,048 kg [ha.sup.-1] in the integrated system and rate was higher than that of the other cropping systems evaluated.