PGDPPaducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant
PGDPProvincial Gross Domestic Product (various locations)
PGDPPost Graduate Diploma Program (various organizations)
PGDPPortsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (US Department of Energy; Ohio)
PGDPProvincial Growth and Development Plan (South Africa)
PGDPProject Gutenberg's Distributed Proofreaders
PGDPPreferred Graduate Development Programme (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
PGDPPost-Graduate Diploma in IT (Information Technology) Management (Furman University; South Carolina)
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The Energy Department will implement a scheme under PGDP titled 'Retrofitting of public institutions' with the allocation of Rs500 million in FY 2019-20, the total cost of scheme is Rs2.5 billion.
He said that PGDP measures would help in controlling emissions from industries, vehicles, power generation and crop burning.
With regard to the relationship with PGDP, all independent variables, excluding FERT, are collectively engaged in positive correlations.
The PGDP annual growth rate for Punjab was estimated at 2.55%, Sindh was 1.38%, KPK at 3.05% whereas Balochistan was the lowest at 1.74% for 2014-15.
To handle the missing data problem caused by pose and expression changes, PGDP [17] transformed the texture map with pose variations through Patch Geodesic Distances into the view in-variance texture.
Moreover, PGDP has a negative and significant impact on GINI in the long-run whereas PGDP2 has positive and significant impact on GINI hence our results supported by Kuznets's Hypothesis.
Where [CO.sub.2] is carbon dioxide emissions per capita, EN is energy consumption per capita, PGDP is per capita real GDP, TR is trade openness, F is financial development, UR is urbanization and e is the random error term.
where PGDP is the deflator of GDP at market prices relative to year 2005.
rare OILDIN Oil price in dinar PGDP GDP deflator PROD Labour productivity REER Real effective ex.
Figure 1 shows health care spending as a percent of GDP and of potential GDP (PGDP), a measure that reduces business cycle effects and provides a clearer picture of where the health spending share of GDP is headed in the longer term [Roehrig 2011].
where XR is the exchange rate with respect to the USA and dXR is positive when the domestic currency appreciates, and PGDP and [PGDP.sub.usa] are the GDP deflators for the domestic country and USA, respectively.
They include five domestic variables: real GDP (GDPV), GDP deflator (PGDP), nominal effective exchange rate (EXCHE), nominal money market interest rate (IR), business confidence indicator (BSCI) and Turkish market export share (XPERF); and two foreign variables: trade-weighted volume of foreign demand (XMKT) and world oil prices denominated in US dollars (WPBRENT).