PGDPPaducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant
PGDPProvincial Gross Domestic Product (various locations)
PGDPPost Graduate Diploma Program (various organizations)
PGDPPortsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (US Department of Energy; Ohio)
PGDPProvincial Growth and Development Plan (South Africa)
PGDPProject Gutenberg's Distributed Proofreaders
PGDPPreferred Graduate Development Programme (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
PGDPPost-Graduate Diploma in IT (Information Technology) Management (Furman University; South Carolina)
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The PGDP annual growth rate for Punjab was estimated at 2.
To handle the missing data problem caused by pose and expression changes, PGDP [17] transformed the texture map with pose variations through Patch Geodesic Distances into the view in-variance texture.
If there is an evidence of cointegration between variables, the second step is to estimate the long-run and short run models The long-run and short-run elasticities of carbon emissions with respect to EN, PGDP, TR, F, and UR have been calculated.
The coefficient of GROWTHDIFF shows that for every one percent increase in the difference between the PGDP in the first three quarters of the election year and that in the first three quarters of the second year of the administration, the incumbent party vote share increases by 0.
activities, the PGDP produced various unwanted and toxic waste products,
87 Independent Standardised Variables Coefficients Beta Coefficients PGDP 0.
Variables Level 1st difference Statistic Prob Statistic Prob PGDP -1.
AVEARN - average earnings, XCVAV - average earnings cointegrating vector, MM - mismatch variable, TER - employers' tax rate, CPI - consumer price index, TD - direct tax element of wage-price system, PGDP - GDP deflator, PROD - whole economy productivity, PNWR - proportion of population of working age without employment, LMTUR - ratio of long-term to total unemployment, [XCVAV.
The system of wage-price equations described so far has comprised three main price equations (for the PGDP deflator, the CED excluding oil and imputed rent and wholesale manufacturing prices) and one equation for average earnings.
The current deactivation and remediation services contract at PGDP is held by Fluor Federal Services and expires on July 21, 2017.