PGDSProvincial Growth and Development Strategy (South Africa)
PGDSPopulation and Geographic Data Section (UNHCR)
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The maximum of 20 employees in the PGDs, which is a high number, is due to shared services.
Variable POL_BRIX TCH TPH_TBH Genotypes 0.8658 (37.08%) 232.02 (36.41%) 5.1067 (36.16%) Genotypes x PM 0.0632 (2.71%) 37.75 (5.92%) 1.0028 (7.10%) Genotypes x 0.3081 (13.20%) 93.47 (14.67%) 1.3193 (9.34%) harvest cycle Residual 1.0978 (47.02%) 274.07 (43.00%) 6.6918 (47.39%) TABLE 5: Predicted genotypic differences (PGD) for TPH_TBH across 29 genotypes (mean plant cane TPH and 1st ratoon TBH) and three planting material types (MBS, SBS, or MPB).
The Oxford Happiness Questionnaire was translated into Urdu following the same standard translation procedures as used in translating the PGDS in Urdu.
Para cada serie de tempo replicada, por ambos os PGDs, calculam-se as estimativas e previsoes a partir de seis modelos distintos.
In 2007, aneuploidy screening was the reason for 56.7% of all PGDs having a defined indication.
PGDs are documents which make it legal for medicines to be given to groups of patients without the need for individual GP prescriptions.
Two scales measured gambling: the Pathological Gambling Diagnostic Scale (PGDS) and a measure of gambling frequency.
The main method for this research was peer group discussions (PGDs), a technique similar to focus group discussions, but with repeat sessions among the same group.
PGDS knockout mice had impaired resolution of inflammation whereas PGDS transgenic mice had reduced inflammatory responses [7].
Chemoryl SFB-10SK surfactant blend provides formulation flexibility with a wide variety of thickener options such as Glucamate LT thickener, or Glucamate DOE-120 thickener or Hydramol PGDS ester.