PGDSProvincial Growth and Development Strategy (South Africa)
PGDSPopulation and Geographic Data Section (UNHCR)
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The Oxford Happiness Questionnaire was translated into Urdu following the same standard translation procedures as used in translating the PGDS in Urdu.
Melt Hydramol PGDS Ester and add to main batch with mixing.
Recall that scores on the PGDS range from 0 to 10, with a score of 5 indicating pathological gambling.
In fact, the PGDS concentrations, although variable, were all within the reference interval.
From these preliminary data, it appears that PGDS expression is not increased in RCC and that PGDS is unlikely to be the source of the cross-reacting antigen detected previously in the serum of women with RCC.
The signing of this declaration of intent forms part of the implementation of the PGDS.
Hydramol PGDS demonstrates truly superior viscosity building characteristics at very low concentrations in combination with betaines, amine oxides and sultaines.
Hydramol PGDS is an excellent choice where significant solution viscosity is desired.
Comments: Hydramol PGDS is a water soluble emollient that provides non-oily moisturization and lubrication to skin products.
Hydramol PGDS is a white solid that is recommended for use as a lubricant and emollient, polymeric conditioner, thickener and gelling agent.