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PGEPortland General Electric
PGEPolska Grupa Energetyczna (Polish: Polish Energy Group)
PGEPacific Gas and Electric Company
PGEProstaglandin E
PGEPlatinum Group Elements
PGEPage Global Enable
PGEPage Global Extension
PGEPennsylvania General Energy (Warren, PA)
PGEParti de la Gauche Européenne (French: European Left Party; political party)
PGEPhenyl Glycidyl Ether
PGEPacific Great Eastern (Railroad)
PGEPark Grass Experiment (agriculture study; UK)
PGEPolyglycerol Esters
PGEPost-Government Employment
PGEPerfect Girl Evolution (anime)
PGEPropylene Glycol Ether
PGEParasitic Gastro-Enteritis
PGEProduct Generation Executive
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Przedmiotem zamwienia sa sukcesywne dostawy odziezy roboczej dla potrzeb PGE Dystrybucja S.
Under a shareholders accord, PGE is selling 10% in the unit that will build and operate nuclear power plants to each of the three buyers, it explained.
The ratings are underpinned by PGE Group's (PGE) vertically-integrated operations, its dominant presence in the country's power generation market and strong position in electricity distribution and supply, the agency said.
The first part, dealing with sulphide-associated PGE occurrences in layered stratiform intrusions, begins with an overview of the geology of the Muskox intrusion and its PGE concentrations, followed by descriptions of the geology, geophysics and PGE discoveries of the Fox River sill and the Mechanic intrusion in New Brunswick.
Officials with Fort Knox say they believe all of the properties have potential for significant copper, nickel and PGE resources.
Administered by PGE -- yes, the same PGE whose name is on the stadium -- the Earth Advantage program assists customers in designing energy-efficient, environmentally responsible buildings.
MaA'gorzata Krasnodebska-Tomkiel said that before giving his ruling she had sought opinions from entrepreneurs active in the power market, electricity businesses and receivers and made several requests for information from PGE.
Due to high demand for the PGE shares, the treasury ministry has decided to sell more than the initially planned 5% in the utility, Reuters cited the ministry as saying.