PGF2Prostaglandin F2 Alpha (an eicosanoid, which stimulates the growth of skeletal muscle)
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Comparison of misoprostol and PGF2 alpha for second trimester termination of pregnancy.
3,14-16 Favourable results are documented in the literature about the use of extra amniotic Foleys catheter balloon combined with extra amniotic instillation of PGF2 alpha.
Although the decreased resistance to aqueous outflow is expected from the deepening of anterior chamber or release of endogenous PGF2 , in normal eyes, anterior chamber deepening may not be the most important factor in IOP reduction after cataract surgery.
Reversed effects between crude and processed ginger extracts on PGF2 alpha-induced contraction in mouse mesenteric veins.
1990) and Cook & Randall (1997) demonstrated that ethanol (6 g/ kg body weight, on the PD17) induces premature labor in mice, and that this action is mediated by PGE and PGF2.
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Similarly PGF2 [alpha] (255% increase) and cAMP (66% increase) when used together increases the glucose uptake by 610% with respect to the control (Chiou and Fong 2005).
The prostaglandins used for induction of labour and termination of pregnancy were PGE2 dinoprostone and PGF2 i.
32] Assessing the urinary PGF2 alpha level may offer a noninvasive way of obtaining a quantitative index of oxidant stress in vivo.