PGFEPulsed Gel Field Electrophoresis
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PGFE analysis showed a high diversity of genotypes: 8 clones for 8 CTX-M-1-positive isolates, 4 clones for 4 CTX-M-9-positive isolates, 13 clones for 17 CTX-M-15-positive isolates, and 14 clones for 15 CTX-M-32-positive isolates (data not shown).
MSSA isolates belonged to spa type t011 or t034 corresponding to ST398 (n = 3) and to 7 PGFE types and 12 spa types (n = 19).
An identical PGFE pattern was also found for 80 (4.
Therefore, when indistinguishable STEC O157:H7 PGFE subtypes occurred at the same fairs, we could not tell if matches were linked to animals from the same farm, if the same subtype occurred simultaneously on 2 geographically isolated farms, or if the clone was transmitted between animals at the fair.