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Balance of pgfn for the polymer number-distribution at cell "k" (k = ks or kw, ks = 1, 2,...Ncell/2, kw = 1, 2,...Ncell/2)
The second option is to numerically invert the pgfn and obtain the number molecular weight distribution, and build the weight and chromatographic distributions from that one.
To obtain the stationary values for pgfn, pgfw and pgfc for radicals and polymers at each cell and obviously at the reactor exit, Eqs 27, 28, 32, 33, 35, and 36 must be solved at each of the selected values of the transformed variable z, 0 [less than or equal to] z [less than or equal to] 1.
The output of the pgf model consists of pgfn, pgfw and pgfc at each reactor cell and of course at the reactor exit.
As a first step we calculated the pgfn, pgfw, and pgfc from the measured MWD, in order to compare them with the ones calculated by pgf balances.
2 the curves for pgfn, pgfw and pgfc corresponding to the polymer at the exit of the reactor for two of the selected experimental cases.
Em marco de 2007, a PGFN encaminhou um Anteprojeto de Lei veiculado no Oficio n.
contratacao de empresas e profissionais tecnicos, em materias de absoluta expertise dos profissionais da PGFN e dos agentes da Receita Federal (art.
4); c) para valores inferiores ao limite minimo de execucao fiscal, a PGFN, ouvida a CGTC, fixara os criterios de transacao ([section]4 do art.
(5) Com esses dados, em 4 de janeiro de 2012, o IPEA recomendou a PGFN a aumentar o piso minimo para ajuizamento das acoes de execucao de R$ 10.000,00 para R$ 20.000,00.
When calculating pgf from mass balances, pgfn must be calculated prior to pgfw, which in turn must be calculated before pgfc.
To MWDn MWDw From SSQ1 N or h SSQ1 N or h pgfn (S) 7.10 X [10.sup.-4] 12 6.96 x [10.sup.-5] 14 pgfn(G) 7.51 X [10.sup.-3] 3 2.35 X [10.sup.-3] 3 pgfw (S) 8.60 X [10.sup.-4] 22 5.41 x [10.sup.-5] 12 pgfw (G) 3.66 X [10.sup.-3] 4 6.54 x [10.sup.-4] 3 pgfc(S) 1.03 X [10.sup.-3] 24 9.38 x [10.sup.-5] 20 pgfc(G) 1.40 X [10.sup.-2] 4 3.24 X [10.sup.-3] 3 To MWDc N or h From SSQ1 pgfn (S) 1.22 x [10.sup.-3] 14 pgfn(G) 1.44 X [10.sup.0] 3 pgfw (S) 2.96 X [10.sup.-5] 14 pgfw (G) 5.08 X [10.sup.-3] 3 pgfc(S) 1.01 x [10.sup.-5] 16 pgfc(G) 2.93 x [10.sup.-3] 3 Table 3.