PGIAPostgraduate Institute of Agriculture (Sri Lanka)
PGIAProgrammable Gain Instrumentation Amplifier
PGIAProteoglycan-Induced Arthritis
PGIAPrinting and Graphics Industries Association of Alberta
PGIAPrince George Interpreters Association
PGIAPreliminary Groundwater Impact Assessment (Delaware)
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NI has developed a custom PGIA optimized for 18-b fast settling time, low noise, and high linearity to address this requirement.
(GA!)=3.1106- (4.50364)* GA)+(3.41864*FNPOWER(GA,2))-(1.20456* FNPOWER(GA,3))+(.17869*FNPOWER(GA,4)) 166 DEF FNPFUNCTION!(PGIA!)= GAMMAINCOMP/FNGAMMA(PGIA) 170 GOTO 870 190 FACT = 1 200 WHILE (DFACTORIALV>1) 210 FACT = FACT*DFACTORIALV-1 230 WEND 240 RETURN 270 GOTO 870 290 I1 = 5 300 SIGMA = 0 310 BETA = 1 320 IF GIZ>=1.3 THEN GOTO 401 330 FOR I1=5 TO 0 STEP -1 340 GIEXP = I1 345 DCHECK = I1 350 DFACTORIALV = I1 360 GOSUB 190 365 GOSUB 392 370 NEXT 380 GAMMAINCOMP = FNPOWER (GIZ,GIA)* SIGMA 385 RETURN 391 GOTO 870 392 ICHECK = (I1-((I1\2*2))
da Rosa et al., "Commercial bovine proteoglycan is highly arthritogenic and can be used as an alternative antigen source for PGIA model," BioMed Research International, vol.
More visitors are making Belize their preferred destination of choice, reports The Immigration Department (May 14, 2004), which notes tourist arrivals at the Philip Godson International Airport (PGIA), the location for the majority of overnight arrivals.
2 June 2014 - US property and casualty insurance holding company State Automobile Mutual Insurance Co (State Auto) said it had taken over local managing general underwriter Partners General Insurance Agency (PGIA), without disclosing financial terms.
PGIA, with offices in California, Illinois and Massachusetts, specialises in excess and surplus lines general liability and excess liability insurance and administers programmes in all 50 US states through a network of wholesale insurance brokers.
The deal aligns with State Auto's plan to beef up its casualty offerings while diversifying its portfolio, senior vice president of speciality lines Jessica Buss said, adding that PGIA's experience in the excess and surplus lines segment and its wholesale broker relationships will further boost her company's footprint in the general liability industry.