PGIPPolygalacturonase-Inhibiting Protein
PGIPPhysician Group Incentive Program (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan)
PGIPPostgraduate Intelligence Program
PGIPProof General Interface Protocol
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Physician organizations participating in the PGIP reported information about their affiliated practices, including the practice's physician composition and the PCMH capabilities implemented by the practice, to BCBSM every 6 months.
Researchers discovered that some plants express their own PG-inhibiting proteins (PGIPs) to protect themselves and limit the bacterium's ability to spread.
Pgip, a polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein (Toubart et al., 1992), chalcone synthase (ChS; Ryder et al., 1987) and PvPR-2, a low molecular weight acidic protein induced during fungal elicitation (Walter et al., 1990), are all located in this region of B2.
PGIP proteins inhibit pectinase production, thereby preventing the fungus from growing."
BCBSM Physician Group Incentive Program Evidence Based Care Report (EBCR) Measure Specifications for PGIP 2010 Program Year.
The AJ4.350 marker on LG 9 was anchored to B2 in the vicinity of the chalcone synthase locus, ChS (Ryder et al., 1987; Mohr et al., 1998), polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein, Pgip (Toubart et al., 1992; De Lorenzo et al., 2002), and the pathogenesis related protein, PvPR-2 (Walter et al., 1990).
But as the fruit reaches maturity, PGIP levels get smaller and the fruit becomes more susceptible.
Functional Area (FA) 34 (Strategic Intelligence Officer): FA 34 officers must complete or receive constructive credit for the Strategic Intelligence Officers Course (non-MI Officers), the Postgraduate Intelligence Program (PGIP), and become Military Education Level (MEL) 4 and Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) 1 qualified.
vulgaris pathogenesis-related gene, PvPR-2 (Walter et al., 1990), a polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein, Pgip (Toubert et al., 1992), and the chalcone synthase gene, ChS (Ryder et al., 1987).
CW4 Renken was appointed as a Warrant Officer, MOS 964A, Order of Battle Technician, in 1981, while attending the second class of the newly formed Senior Enlisted Intelligence Program (SEIP) at the Defense Intelligence College in Washington, DC He transferred to the Post Graduate Intelligence Program (PGIP) upon appointment and graduated from as the distinguished graduate in 1982.
The majority of the FA 34 officers will attend the ILE course at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, and then proceed to the Postgraduate Intelligence Program (PGIP) at the Defense Intelligence Agency.