PGISPollutant-Generating Impervious Surface
PGISPinkerton Global Intelligence Services (Arlington, VA)
PGISParticipatory Geographic Information System
PGISPostgraduate Institute of Science (University of Peradeniya; Sri Lanka; est. 1996)
PGISProportional Gas Injection System (anesthesiology)
PGISPartnership for Global Information Security
PGISPerinatal Grief Intensity Scale
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PGIS Service & Maintenance Divi-sion and Operational Procedures ensure that your building or site is protected and maintained in line with and com-plies with National & Local Civil Defense and/or HCIS NFPA requirements.
PGIS are a wholly owned subsidiary of Pan Gulf Holdings.
A concept related to PPGIS and PGIS, volunteered geographic information (VGI), is the harnessing of tools to create, assemble, and disseminate geographic data provided voluntarily by individuals (Goodchild 2007).
Table 1 reveals statistically significant t-values which demonstrate that working and non-working females differ on the measures of PGIS, ESS, and RAS.
Acronym Definition BCCF Bunaken Concerned Citizen's Forum BNP Bunaken National Park BNPMAB Bunaken National Park Management Advisory Board GIS Geographic Information Systems GPS Global Positioning System JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency MAB Management Advisory Board NGO Non-Government Organization NRM Natural Resources Management NSWA North Sulawesi Watersport Association PGIS Participatory Geographic Information Systems PPLH-SDA Pusat Penelitian Lingkungan Hidup dan Sumber Daya Alam UNSRAT Universitas Sam Ratulangi USAID United States Agency for International Development WWF World Wildlife Fund
In 1994, we collaborated with Ullrich and colleagues to purify and characterize PGIS from bovine aorta, and the results demonstrated that the purified PGIS catalyzes the conversion of [PGH.
PHIL Sillman and Val Jennings clinched first place in their respective categories yesterday on the opening day of play in this year's PGIS Golf Extravaganza played at the Royal Golf Club.
This research is used to illustrate the development of novel mixed method approaches incorporating the use of PGIS techniques to help identify perceptions of injustice that may be applicable in a wider range of contexts, places and communities.
The instruments used in the current study were the PGIS, JSI, SWLS,
Construct validity was supported further by a significant positive correlation between scores on the PGIS and intentional growth processes.
THE seventh edition of the PGIS Golf Extravaganza gets underway today at the Royal Golf Club at Riffa Views.