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PGKPapua New Guinea Kina
PGKPast Grand Knight (Knights of Columbus)
PGKPrecision Guidance Kit
PGKPhosphoglycerate Kinase Deficiency
PGKPhosphoglycerine Kinase
PGKParlamentarna Grupa Kobiet (Polish: Parliamentary Women's Group; est. 1991)
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The top three players in the PGK masters will join a team of 19 pros, who qualified from the five events played earlier, which also included Mumias-based Dismas Indiza, Riz Charania and Simon Ngige who made cut during last year's Open.
The PGK fuse is a GPS guidance kit with proximity and detonating fusing functions.
Once fielded, the near precision PGK will increase the accuracy of these HE projectiles.
As mentioned earlier we have divided the PGK data in two sets, from 1729 to 1947 and from 1951 to 2008.
cerevisiae, y la cepa GG570-CIBII que contiene el gen pdc con el promotor y terminador de PGK y el gen adhII de Z.
In Singapore, we have companies such as PGK Media providing mobile-TV services.
Additionally, the pSUPER retroviral vectors are self-inactivating and express neomycin phosphotransferase and GFP from the PGK promoter.
Leading the FutureTV network are local flagship companies such as MediaCorp, StarHub, PGK Media, ServTouch-ETI, Glocal Media Networks, SingTel, EON Reality, and Ufinity.
Este gen, probablemente, es regulado por el metabolismo del azucar, ya que al aislar y analizar el gen promotor de la PGK, se obtuvieron dos secuencias con homologia a regiones activadoras del DNA de Saccharomyces cerevisiae, que son controlados por fuente de carbono [Harrier, 2001].
By LARRY NGALANyanza Golf Club's David Odhiambo was in his best form during Tuesday's second round of this year's PGK Masters at the par 71 Muthaiga Golf Club course.
Home professional Eric Ooko won the fourth PGK Kenya Open qualifier at Royal Nairobi Golf Club yesterday.
Self-powered, the PGK is screwed on the artillery shell in place of the fuse, the kit itself acting as proximity or point detonating fuse.