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PGLGraphics (File Name Extension)
PGLPersistent Generalized Lymphadenopathy (associated with HIV AIDS viral infection)
PGLPro Gaming League (Canada)
PGLPortable Game Library
PGLPortable Graphics Library
PGLProfessional Gamers League
PGLPeer Group Leader
PGLPolicy Guidance Letter
PGLPokemon Global Link
PGLPublishing Group Ltd. (various locations)
PGL6-@phosphogluconolactonase (deficiency)
PGLParents Get Lost (UK summer camps)
PGLPrintronix Graphics Language (printers)
PGLPeer Group Leader (Sprint)
PGLPlasma Glucose Level
PGLPeoples Energy Corporation (stock symbol)
PGLPeter Gordon Lawrence (UK childrens' holiday company)
PGLPractice Group Leader
PGLProfessional Gaming League
PGLPulse Generating Laser (ERGO)
PGLProjective General Linear (mathematics)
PGLParaganglioma Syndrome
PGLProgram Guidance Letter
PGLProfile Grade Line
PGLPromina Group Limited (insurance; Australia and New Zealand)
PGLPreGame Lobby
PGLPakistan Gaming League (computer gaming association)
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We are delighted to partner with Cox & Kings in the further development of HBR's niche brands such as PGL and Meininger.
Ongoing efforts of PGL are to facilitate industrial activity by providing support to all Industrial concerns.
PGL offers Pakistan's first online servers dedicated to promoting and organizing eSports within the country.
PGL is building a strong following in eSports competitive play, which prompted PGL to acquire DK Squad to build its brand and reach among competitive gamers.
A spokesman for PGL Travel said they had followed proper procedures and added: "We take the safeguarding of children in our care extremely seriously.
get there PGL Holidays has Family Active 2, 4 and 7nt breaks at nine UK centres plus four in France for 2013.
uk Make the kids happy bunnies this Easter on a PGL activity break.
Holidaybreak, which also owns summer camps arm PGL and operations in adventure travel, hotel breaks and camping, said Meininger had ten city centre sites near cultural locations, including in Cologne, Frankfurt, Vienna, London and Munich.
19 March 2010 - Pakistani JCR-VIS said it upgraded the medium- to long-term rating on Pak-Gulf Leasing Company Ltd (KAR:PAKGULF), or PGL, to BBB from BBB-.
The former hotel and conference centre is due to be opened next year as a PGL outdoor education centre on the site.
PGL offers several configurations of two different models, the LyraLight and the Inspire.