PGLCPyrolysis-Gas-Liquid Chromatography (biochemistry)
PGLCProduct Generation Life Cycle
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With increase in disbursements, lease portfolio of PGLC (net of lease key money) reached Rs.
The issues addressed by the PGLC are funded by the ERP system's regular maintenance budget allocation from the county's IT department.
Of particular note PGL has delayed the rate case filings for PGLC and North Shore until early summer 2006.
PGL and the gas utilities recorded a $92 million ($75 million for PGLC, $17 million for North Shore) pre-tax charge in the fiscal first quarter-2006 (1Q'06) to reflect the terms of the settlement.
While the settlement removes one source of regulatory uncertainty for the utilities, PGLC and North Shore will be subject to regulatory review as the companies plan to file for a combined base rate increase for approximately $90 million-$115 million in the fiscal second quarter 2006.
Considering that PGLC and North Shore plan to file a rate proposal with the ICC this winter, a continuing negative trend may adversely affect the credit qualities of these entities over time.
Credit measures at PGLC and North Shore are slightly weaker on a projected basis than historical levels, as a result of higher operating costs, but remain strong for the 'AA-' rating category.
Credit measures at PGLC and North Shore are considerably stronger on both an historical and projected basis.
The revised ratings for PGLC and North Shore reflect the utility subsidiaries' linkage to the business risk at their parent.
The ratings of the PGLC and North Shore bonds reflect solid credit fundamentals, modest business and financial risks and positive operating characteristics.
The Negative Rating Outlooks for PGLC and North Shore are primarily driven by the structural and economic relationships between the subsidiaries and their parent.
PEC's credit profile continues to be supported by the solid financial positions and low business risks of its regulated gas distribution utility subsidiaries, PGLC and North Shore.